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We are always looking for volunteers for the following committees. Our greatest need however is volunteers for the day of each event.  If you would like to volunteer please email Please include your contact information along with what committee you would like to volunteer for.

Outreach/Advertising Committee - Do you have a knack of talking to people?  We are in need of people to get the word out to the public about Slice of Summer.  

Fundraising Committee - Bring fun and new ways of fundraising to the table.  No experience necessary. This is a on-going committee, as fundraising never stops.

Music Coordination Committee - Do you like Music?  Do you know any bands?  Work with a team to find just the right band to play at each of our 3 concerts this summer.

Vendor Coordination Committee - Responsible for finding and booking food and beverage vendors for each concert event. Responsible for selling water and other items at each concert.

Setup/Tear-down/Cleanup Committee - This is one of the most important committees and we need a lot of volunteers for it.  Responsible for setting up and tearing down the stage, hanging banners, clean up Wait Park after each concert, along with other duties.

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